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Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology. – Second edition febrero 23, 2016

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Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology. – Second edition

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Winter, John D. (Autor)
Typical texts on igneous and metamorphic petrology are geared to either advanced or novice petrology students. This unique text offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of both igneous and metamorphic petrology in a single volume–and provides the quantitative and technical background required to critically evaluate igneous and metamorphic phenomena in a way that students at all levels can understand. The goal throughout is for students to be able to apply the techniques–and enjoy the insights of the results–rather than tinker with theory and develop everything from first principles


Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks. – 8a ed. noviembre 12, 2015

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Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks. – 8a ed.

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Bucher, Kurt (Autor)
Grapes, Rodney (Autor)

From the reviews of the seventh edition:

“Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks is, like the preceding six editions, a fine and important book. By and large, it is precise and accurate, clearly written, logically organized and well focused. It is suitable as a text for serious, no-nonsense, one-semester undergraduate course in metamorphic petrology … . ‘Winkler’s 7th’ is a suitable text for the graduate level.” (Tomas Feininger, The Canadian Mineralogist, Vol. 40, 2003)

“This new edition of a classic text has packed in even more information than the previous editions. Extensive lists of up to date references, use of the most current data, and lists of currently available software and appropriate web sites add to the comprehensive content. … basic historical and scientific fundamentals are well covered and the very structured layout of the text makes basic information relatively easily to retrieve. … an excellent update to an excellent text.” (Suzanne Miller, Geoscientist, Vol. 13 (9), 2003)

“Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks has been written with the intention of giving senior level undergraduate and postgraduate students the practical knowledge and understanding needed to interpret metamorphic rocks … . Overall the book is well presented and up-to-date … . this is definitely one of the best texts available for advanced courses in metamorphic petrology, or for individuals wanting a modern reference text. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am sure I will use it as a source of information for teaching and research.” (Ian Fitzsimons, The Australian Geologist, Issue 129, 2003)

Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks presents a large number of diagrams showing the stability relations among minerals and groups of minerals found in metamorphic rocks. The diagrams help to determine the pressure and temperature conditions under which a given set of metamorphic rocks may have formed. Other parameters that control metamorphic mineral assemblages are also discussed and pitfalls resulting from simplifications and generalizations are highlighted. The book discusses the most common metamorphic rock types, their nomenclature, structure and graphical representation of their mineral assemblages. Part I defines basic principles of metamorphism, introduces metamorphic processes, geologic thermometry and barometry and defines metamorphic grade. Part II presents in a systematic way mineralogical changes and assemblages found in the most common types of metamorphic rocks. The computation of diagrams is based on recent advances in quantitative petrology and geochemistry. An extensive bibliography, including the key contributions and classic papers in the field, make it an invaluable source book for graduate students and professional geologists.


Sedimentary Rocks in the Field: A Practical Guide. – 4a ed. noviembre 12, 2015

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Sedimentary Rocks in the Field: A Practical Guide. – 4a ed.

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Tucker, Maurice E. (Autor)

This fourth edition builds on the success of previous editions and for the first time is produced in full colour throughout with improved photos and diagrams. It retains its popular pocket size and is an essential buy for all students working in the field.

The text shows how sedimentary rocks are tackled in the field and has been written for all those with a geological background. It describes how the features of sedimentary rocks can be recorded in the field particularly through the construction of graphic logs. In succeeding chapters the various sedimentary rock types, textures and structures are discussed and shown how they can be described and measured in the field. There are expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list. Finally a concluding section deals briefly with facies identification and points the ways towards facies interpretations, and the identification of sequences and cycles.

Key Features:

  • Full colour throughout with improved photos, figures and diagrams in a modern layout.
  • Complete revision and update of best selling textbook which is part of the highly successful Field Guide series.
  • Expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list.
  • Handy pocket size with laminated cover.
  • Includes supplementary website with downloadable logging sheets for fieldwork activities.


Geology of Petroleum marzo 21, 2013

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Levorsen, A. I. (Autor)

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Esta edición especial conmemorativa es una reimpresión del libro clásico publicado originalmente en 1967 por WH Freeman and Company. Rinde homenaje a la memoria de un científico verdaderamente grande, geólogos de petróleo, y los maestros.

Durante muchos años, este libro fue como un recurso sin igual para los geólogos petroleros en labor, así como a los estudiantes.

Con más de 50.000 ejemplares publicados desde la primera edición se publicó en 1954, Geología del Petróleo sigue siendo uno de los libros más leídos de la geología de todos los tiempos.

Fundación AAPG, Edición Conmemorativa

Asociación Americana de Ingenieros de Petróleo (AAPG)


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