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Fault-Diagnosis Systems: An Introduction from Fault Detection to Fault Tolerence noviembre 10, 2015

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Fault-Diagnosis Systems: An Introduction from Fault Detection to Fault Tolerence

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Isermann, Rolf (Autor)

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Supervision, health-monitoring, fault detection, fault diagnosis and fault management play an increasing role for technical processes and vehicles, in order to improve reliability, availability, maintenance and life-time. For safety-related processes fault-tolerant systems with redundancy are required in order to reach comprehensive system integrity.

This book gives an introduction into the field of fault detection, fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant systems with methods which have proven their performance in practical applications. It guides the reader in a structured tutorial style:

  • supervision methods, reliability, safety, system integrity and related terminology;
  • fault detection with signal-based methods for periodic and stochastic signals;
  • fault detection with process model-based methods like parameter estimation, state estimation, parity equations and principal component analysis;
  • fault diagnosis with classification and inference methods;
  • fault-tolerant systems with hardware and analytical redundancy;
  • many practical simulation examples and experimental results for processes like electrical motors, pumps, actuators, sensors and automotive components;
  • end-of-chapter exercises for self testing or for practice.

The book is dedicated to graduate students of electrical, mechanical, chemical engineering and computer science and for practising engineers.


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