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Control-oriented Modelling and Identification : Theory and practice. – Primera edición octubre 27, 2016

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Control-oriented Modelling and Identification : Theory and practice. – Primera edición

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Lovera, Marco (Editor)

This comprehensive book covers the state-of-the-art in control-oriented modelling and identification techniques. With contributions from leading researchers in the subject, Control-oriented Modelling and Identification: Theory and practice covers the main methods and tools available to develop advanced mathematical models suitable for control system design, including: object-oriented modelling and simulation; projection-based model reduction techniques; integrated modelling and parameter estimation; identification for robust control of complex systems; subspace-based multi-step predictors for predictive control; closed-loop subspace predictive control; structured nonlinear system identification; and linear fractional LPV model identification from local experiments using an H1-based glocal approach.

This book also takes a practical look at a variety of applications of advanced modelling and identification techniques covering spacecraft dynamics, vibration control, rotorcrafts, models of anaerobic digestion, a brake-by-wire racing motorcycle actuator, and robotic arms.


Sistemas de control moderno. – 10a ed. febrero 25, 2016

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Sistemas de control moderno. – 10a ed

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Dorf, Richard C. (Autor)
Bishop , Robert H. (Autor)
Dormido Canto, Sebastián (Traductor)
Dormido Canto, Raquel (Traductor)
Dormido Bencomo, Sebastián (Revisor Técnico)

Written to be equally useful for all engineering disciplines, this text is organized around the concept of control systems theory as it has been developed in the frequency and time domains. It provides coverage of classical control, employing root locus design, frequency and response design using Bode and Nyquist plots. It also covers modern control methods based on state variable models including pole placement design techniques with full-state feedback controllers and full-state observers. Many examples throughout give students ample opportunity to apply the theory to the design and analysis of control systems.


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