Structural Geology. – 2a edition

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Structural Geology. – 2a edition

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Fossen, Haakon (Autor)

This market-leading textbook has been fully updated in response to extensive user feedback. It incluides a completely new chapter on joints and veins, additional examples from around the world, stunning new field photos, and extended online resources with new animations and exercices. The book’s practical emphasis, hugely popular in the first edition, features applications in the upper crust including petroleum and groundwater geology, which highlight the importance of structural geology in exploration and exploitation of petroleum and water resource.


1. Structural geology and structural analysis.

2. Deformation.

3. Strain in rocks.

4. Stress.

5. Stress in the lithosphere.

6. Rheology.

7. Fracture and brittle deformation.

8. Joints and veins.

9. Faults.

10. Kinematics and paleostress in the brittle regime.

11. Deformation at the microscale.

12. Folds and folding.

13. Foliation and cleavage.

14. Lineations.

15. Boudinage.

16. Shear zones and mylonites.

17. Contractional regimes.

18. Extensional regimes.

19. Strike-slip, transpressión and transtension.

20. Salt tectonics.

21. Balancing and restoration.

22. A glimpse of a larger picture.
Incluye bibliografía, apéndices, glosario, índice.

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