The Chemistry and Technology of Coal. – 3a edition

The Chemistry and Technology of Coal. – 3a edition Verificar estado Speight, James G (Autor) The demand for coal use (for electricity generation) and coal products, particulary liquid fuels and chemical feedstocks, is increasing throughout the world. Traditional markets such as North America and Europe are experiencing a steady increase in demand, whereas emerging AsianSigue leyendo «The Chemistry and Technology of Coal. – 3a edition»

Rock Engineering Design

Rock Engineering Design Verificar estado Feng, Xia – Ting (Autor) Hudson, John A. (Autor) Given the recent advances in site investigation techniques, computing, access to information and monitoring, plus the current emphasis on safety, accountability and sustainability, this book introduces an up-to-date methodology for the design of all types of rock engineering projects, whether surfaceSigue leyendo «Rock Engineering Design»

Unsaturated Soils: a fundamental interpretation of soil behaviour

Unsaturated Soils: a fundamental interpretation of soil behaviour Verificar Estado Murray, E. J. (Autor) Sivakumar, V. (Autor) An understanding of the mechanical propertiesof unsaturated soils is crucial for geotechnical engineers worldwide, as well as those concerned with the interaction of structures with the ground. This book deals principally with fine-grained clays and silts, or solisSigue leyendo «Unsaturated Soils: a fundamental interpretation of soil behaviour»

Structural Geology. – 2a edition

Structural Geology. – 2a edition Verificar Estado Fossen, Haakon (Autor) This market-leading textbook has been fully updated in response to extensive user feedback. It incluides a completely new chapter on joints and veins, additional examples from around the world, stunning new field photos, and extended online resources with new animations and exercices. The book’s practicalSigue leyendo «Structural Geology. – 2a edition»

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