Rock Failure Mechanisms : Explained and Ilustrated

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Rock Failure Mechanisms : Explained and Ilustrated

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Tang, Chun’an (Autor)
Hudson, John A. (Autor)

When dealing with rock in engineering. It is critical to understand the process by which the rock fails under load, so that sarfe structures can be built on and in the rock mass. However, because there are many different ways in wich the rock can be loaded, a clear notion of the rock failure process under a variety of conditions is the essential requirement for professionals desingning and constructing in rock.


1. Introduction.

2. Rock failure in uniaxial tension.

3. Rock failure in indirect tension.

4. Rock failure in uniaxial compression.

5. Confinement and shear.

6. Effect of heterogeneity on rock failure.

7. The effect of rock anisotropy on rock failure.

8. Loading, unloading and the Kaisser Effect.

9. Time dependency of rock failure.

10. Coalescence of fractures.

11. Dynamic loading of rock.

12. Rock failure and water flow.

13. Rock failure induced by thermal stress.

14. Slope failure in rock masses.

15. The fracture process when cutting inhomogeneous rocks.

16. Rock failure around tunnels in jointed rock.

17. Rock failure induced by longwall coal mining.

18. Gas outbursts in coal mines.

19. Particle breakage and comminution.

20. 3-D modelling and ‘turtle crack formation’ in rock.

21. Concluding remarks.
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