Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications

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Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications

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Zhou, Yingxin (Editor)
Zhao, Jian (Editor)

The study of rock dynamics is important because many rock mechanics and rock engineering problems involve dynamic loading ranging from earthquakes to vibrations and explosions. The subject deals with the distribution and propagation of loads, dynamic responses, and processes of rocks and rate-dependent properties, coupled with the physical environment. Rock dynamics has a wide range of applications in civil, mining, geological and environmental engineering. However, due to the additional “4th” dimension of time, rock dynamics remains, in the discipline of rock mechanics, a relatively more challenging topic to understand and to apply, where documented research and knowledge are limited.

Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications provides a summary of the current knowledge of rock dynamics with 18 chapters contributed by individual authors from both academia and engineering fields. The topics of this book are wide-ranging and representative, covering fundamental theories of fracture dynamics and wave propagation, rock dynamic properties and testing methods, numerical modelling of rock dynamic failure, engineering applications in earthquakes, explosion loading and tunnel response, as well as dynamic rock support


1. Introduction.

2. An overview of some recent progress in rock dynamics research.

3. Split Hopkinson pressure bar tests of rocks: Advances in experimental techniques and applications to rock strength and fracture.

4. Modified Hopkinson bar technologies applied to the high strain rate rock tests.

5. Wave shaping by special shaped striker in SHPB tests.

6. ÑLaboratory compressive and tensile testing of rock dynamic properties.

7. Penetration and perforation of rock targets by hard projectiles.

8. Incubation time based fracture mechanics and optimization of energy input in the fracture process of rocks.

9. Discontinuous approaches of wave prppagation across rock joints.

10. Equivalent Medium Model with Virtual Wave Source Method for wave propagation analysis in jointed rock masses.

11. Polycrystalline model for heterogeneous rock based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics method.

12. Finite4 Element Method modeling of rock dynamic failure.

13. Discontinuum-based numerical modeling of rock dynamic fracturing and failure.

14. Manifold and advanced numerical techniques for discontinuous dynamic computations.

15. Earthquakes as a rock dynamic problem and their effects on rock engineering structures.

16. Constraining paleseismic PGA using numerical analysis of structural failures in historic masonry structures: Review of recent results.

17. Explosion loading and tunnel response.

18. Rock support for underground excavations subjected to dynamic loads and failure.



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