Rock Failure Mechanisms : Explained and Ilustrated

Rock Failure Mechanisms : Explained and Ilustrated Verificar Estado Tang, Chun’an (Autor) Hudson, John A. (Autor) When dealing with rock in engineering. It is critical to understand the process by which the rock fails under load, so that sarfe structures can be built on and in the rock mass. However, because there are many differentSigue leyendo «Rock Failure Mechanisms : Explained and Ilustrated»

Geological engineering

Geological engineering Verificar Estado González Vallejo, Luis I. (Autor) Ferrer, Mercedes (Autor) A thorough knowledge of geology is essential in the design and construction of infrastructures for transport, buildings and mining operations; while an understanding of geology is also crucial for those working in urban, territorial and environmental planning and in the prevention and mitigationSigue leyendo «Geological engineering»

Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications

Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications Verificar Estado Zhou, Yingxin (Editor) Zhao, Jian (Editor) The study of rock dynamics is important because many rock mechanics and rock engineering problems involve dynamic loading ranging from earthquakes to vibrations and explosions. The subject deals with the distribution and propagation of loads, dynamic responses, and processes of rocksSigue leyendo «Advances in Rock Dynamics and Applications»

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