Final Cut Pro 7 Advanced Editing: Real – Time Editing and Effects


Final Cut Pro 7 Advanced Editing: Real – Time Editing and Effects

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Wohl, Michael (Autor)

Welcome to the official Level Two Apple Pro Training course for Final Cut Pro 7. This book is an in-depth journey into advanced editing techniques and effects with Final Cut Pro. It uses diverse footage ranging from the feature film The Genesis Code to the music video One Night in Jordan (based on a live concert performance by internationally renowned art-ist Zade Dirani), and from the Blue Angels documentary Bearcts to various promotional spots and show bumpers to demonstrate both the features of the application and the practical techniques you’ll use daily in your editing projects. Whether you’ve been editing for years or are just beginning to work in film and video, this book will enhance your knowledge of Final Cut Pro while it advances your grasp of editing techniques. So let’s get started!


Advanced Editing.

1. Professional Editing Technique.

2. Accelerating Your Workflow.

3. Trimming Concepts.

4. Advanced Trimming Techniques.

5. Audio Sweetening.

6. Multicamera Editing.

Advanced Compositing and Effects.

7. Advaced Compositing.

8. Mastering Video Filters.

9. Creating Dynamic Effects.

10. Nesting Sequences.

11. Variable Speed.

Finishing Techniques.

12. The Big Finish.

13. Sharing Your Work.
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