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Modern control engineering. – 3a ed mayo 18, 2017

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Modern control engineering. – 3a ed

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Ogata, Katsuhiko (Autor)

This is a revised (third) edition of a classic book on control systems. Though a very comprehensive text and intended for a full two-semester course in control engineering, it can still be used as an introductory text in modern control systems (in senior years). This edition contains a comprehensive integration of MATLAB. With the availability of student edition MATLAB has become a major tool for control system analysis and design in the academic environment. It is a large volume (about 1000 pages) and is distributed into 13 chapters.

First half of the book is dedicated to lay the foundation of tools used in control system analysis and design. Laplace transform, state space analysis, root locus, and time & frequency response techniques are well covered. A large number of examples tend to reinforce the understanding. This section tends to focus on classical control techniques. The second half of the book is related to control system design and also explores the of modern control techniques. A chapter on PID control discusses the plant testing and control, with an introduction to robust control. Again detailed worked examples using MATLAB are provided. The last three chapters are devoted to state space control techniques for analysis and design. An appendix provides a quick introduction to MATLAB and functions available for control system analysis and design.


Chapter 1 Introduction to control systems.

Chapter 2 The laplace transform.

Chapter 3 Mathematical modeling of dynamic systems.

Chapter 4 Transient-response analysis.

 Chapter 5 Basic control actions and response of control systems.

Chapter 6 Root-locus analysis.

Chapter 7 Control systems desing by the root-locus method.

Chapter 8 Frequency-response analysis.

Chapter 9 Control systems desing by frequency response.

Chapter 10 PID controls and introduction to robust control.

Chapter 11 Analysis of control systems in state space.

Chapter 12 Desing of control systems in state space.

Chapter 13 Liapunov stability analysis and quadratic optimal control
Incluye apéndice, índice y referencias



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