International Monetary and Financial Economics


International Monetary and Financial Economics

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Daniels, Joseph P. (Autor)
Van Hoose, David D. (Autor)

One book with all of the content you need to teach the International Economics course

International Monetary and Financial Economics is an accessible, motivating textbook that covers the full range of topics appropriate for a complete course in international money and finance.  With balanced coverage of both international finance and open-economy macroeconomics, instructors using this book will be prepared to cover all of the substantive issues in the field today. To motivate student learning, Management, Policy, and Online Notebook features provide more than 50 examples of international financial issues, recent policy issues, and the role of worldwide electronic commerce.


1. Keeping Up with a Changing World-Trade Flows, Capital Flows, and the Balance of Payments.

2. The Market for Foreign Exchange.

3. Exchange-Rate Systems, Past to Present.

4. The3 Forward Currency Market and International Financial Arbitrage.

5. Interest Yields, Interest-Rate Risk, and Derivate Securities.

6. International Banking, Central Banks, and Supranational Financial Policymaking Institutions.

7. The International Financial Architecture and Emerging Economies.

8. Traditional Approaches to Balance-of-Payments and Exchange-Rate Determination.

9. Monetary and Portfolio Approaches to Balance-of-Payments and Exchange-Rate Determination.

10. An Open Economy Framework.

11. Economic Policy with Fixed Exchange Rates.

12. Economic Policy with Floating Exchange Rates.

13. The Price Level, Real Output, and Economic Policymaking.

14. Domestic Economic Policymaking in a Global Economy.

15. Policy Coordination, Monetary Union, and Target Zones.
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