In Line Behind a Billion People : How Scarrcity Will Define China’s Ascent in the Next Decade


In Line Behind a Billion People : How Scarrcity Will Define China’s Ascent in the Next Decade

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Ma, Damien (Autor)
Adams, William (Autor)

China will soon have the world´s largest economy.But that´s the least important thing to know about China. This book reveals why China´s economic growth will constrain it, not empower it- and why China´s future will be shaped by the same reality that has shped it for millennia: scarcity.

Damien Ma and William Adams drill deep into Chinese society, illuminating each to the scarcities that could limit China´s power and stall is progress. Beyond scarcities of natural resources and public goods, they explore China´s persistent poverties of individual freedoms, institutions, and ideological appeal – and the corrosive loss of values amongst a growing middle class shackled  by a  parochial and inflexible political system.


Part I. Economic Scarcity.

1. Resources: While supplies last.

2. Food: Malthus on the Yangtze.

3. Labor: Where did all the migrants go?.

Part II. Social Scarcity.

4. Welfare: Socialism with Chinese…actually no, not socialism at all.

5. Education: Give me equality…but not until after my son gets into Tsingua.

6. Housing: Home is where the wallet is.

Part III. Poltical Scarcity.

7. Ideology: The unbearable lightness of the Yellow River Spirit.

8. Values: What would Confucius do?.

9. Freedom: Keep on rockin’ in the firewalled world.
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