Introducing Translation Studies: theories and applications. – 3th edition

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Introducing Translation Studies: theories and applications. – 3th edition

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Munday, Jeremy (Autor)

Introducing Translation Studies is the definitive guide og the theories and concepts that make up the dynamic field of translation studies.Providing  an accessible and fully up-to-date overview of key moments and theorists withn an expanding area of study, this textbook has become an essential source for generations of translation students on both professional and university courses.

The new edition retains the core strengths that have made  this book so successful.Author Jeremey Munday provodes a balanced and detailed guide to the theoretical landscape , applying each theory to a wide range of languages, including Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German,Spanish,Italian,Punjabi,Portuguese. A broad spectrum of text is analysed, including the bible,Budddhist sutras,Beowuff, the fiction of Garcia Marquez and Proust, European Union and UNESCO  documents , a range of comtemporary films, a travel brochure, a children´s cookery book and the translation of Harry Potter .

Each chapter comprises an introduction  outlinig  the translation theory of theories, illustrative text with  translations, case studies, a chapter summary and discussion points and exercises.



1. Main issues of traslation studies.

2. Translation theory before the twentieth century.

3. Equivalence and equivalent effect.

4. Studying translation product and process.

5. Functional theories of translation.

6. Discourse and Register analysis approaches.

7. Systems theories.

8. Cultural and ideological turns.

9. The role of the translator: visibility, athics and sociology.

10. Philosophical approaches to translation.

11. New directions from the new media.

12. Research and commentary projects.
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