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Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology. – Second edition febrero 23, 2016

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Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology. – Second edition

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Winter, John D. (Autor)
Typical texts on igneous and metamorphic petrology are geared to either advanced or novice petrology students. This unique text offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of both igneous and metamorphic petrology in a single volume–and provides the quantitative and technical background required to critically evaluate igneous and metamorphic phenomena in a way that students at all levels can understand. The goal throughout is for students to be able to apply the techniques–and enjoy the insights of the results–rather than tinker with theory and develop everything from first principles


Part 1. Igneous Petrology.

1. Some Fundamental Concepts.

2. Classification and Nomenclature of Igneous Rocks.

3. Textures of Igneous Rocks.

4. Igneous Structures and Field Relationships.

5. An Introduction to Thermodynamics.

6. The Phase Rule and One- and Two- Component Systems.

7. Systems with More Than Two Components.

8. Chemical Petrology I: Major and Minor Elements.

9. Chemical Petrology II: Trace Elements and Isotopes.

10. Mantle Melting and the Generation of Basaltic Magma.

11. Magma Diversity.

12. Layered Mafic Intrusions.

13. Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanism.

14. Oceanic Intraplate Volcanism.

15. Continental Flood Basalts.

16. Subduction-Related Igneous Activity. Part I: Island Arcs.

17. Subduction-Related Igneous Activity: Part II: Continental Arcs.

18. Granitoid Rocks.

19. Continental Alkaline Magmatism.

20. Anorthosites.

 Part II. Metamorphic Petrology.

21. An Introduction to Metamorphism.

22. A Classification of Metamorphic Rocks.

23. Structures and Textures of Metamorphic Rocks.

24. Stable Mineral Assemblages in Metamorphic Rocks.

25. Metamorphic Facies and Metamorphosed Mafic Rocks.

26. Metamorphic Reactions.

27. Thermodynamics of Metamorphic Reactions.

28. Metamorphism of Pelitic Sediments.

29. Metamorphism of Calcareus and Ultramafic Rocks.

 30. Metamorphic Fluis, Mass Transport, and Metasomatism.
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