Materials Science And Engineering

Materials  Science  And Engineering An Introduction  9E.

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Building on the extraordinary success of eight best-selling editions, Callister’s new Ninth Edition of Materials Science and Engineering continues to promote student understanding of the three primary types of materials (metals, ceramics, and polymers) and composites, as well as the relationships that exist between the structural elements of materials and their properties.
This edition is again supported by WileyPLUS, an integrated online learning environment, (when ordered as a package by an instructor). Also available is a redesigned version of Virtual Materials Science and Engineering (VMSE). This resource contains interactive simulations and animations that enhance the learning of key concepts in materials science and engineering (e.g., crystal structures, crystallographic planes/directions, dislocations) and, in addition, a comprehensive materials property database.

Callister, William D., 1940- (Autor)



2.Atomic  Structure  and Iteratomic Bonding

3.The Structure of Crystalline Solids

4.Imperfections  in solids


6.Mechanical  Properties  of Metals

7.Dislocations  and Strengthenning  Mechanisms


9.Phase Diagrams.

10.Phase  Transformations :Development  of Microstructure  an Alteration  of  Mechanical  Properties

11.Applications and Processing  of Metal Alloys

12.Structures and Properties  of ceramics

13.Applications  and Processing  of Ceramics

14.Polymer Structures

15.Characteristics , Applications , and  Processing of Polymers


17.Corrosion  and Degradation of Materials

18.Electrical Properties

19.Thermal Properties

20.Magnetic Properties

21.Optical  Properties

22.Economic , Environmental , and societal  Issues in Materials  Science  and Engineering.

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