Physics  For Scientists And Engineers.

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As the most widely adopted new physics text in more than 50 years, Knight’s Physics for Scientists and Engineers was published to widespread critical acclaim from professors and students. In the Third Edition, Knight builds on the research-proven instructional techniques he introduced in the first and second editions, as well as national data of student performance, to take student learning even further. Knight’s unparalleled insight into student learning difficulties, and his impeccably skillful crafting of text and figures at every level–from macro to micro–to address these difficulties, results in a uniquely effective and accessible book, leading students to a deeper and better-connected understanding of the concepts and more proficient problem-solving skills.

For the Third Edition, Knight continues to apply the best results from educational research, and to refine and tailor them for this course and its students. New pedagogical features (Chapter Previews, Challenge Examples, and Data-based Examples), end-of-chapter problem sets enhanced through analysis of national student metadata, fine-tuned and streamlined content, and an even more robust MasteringPhysics® program take the hallmarks of the previous editions–exceptionally effective conceptual explanation and problem-solving instruction–to a new level.

Randall D. Knight

Table of Contents

Part I. Newton’s Laws

1. Concepts of Motion

2. Kinematics in One Dimension

3. Vectors and Coordinate Systems

4. Kinematics in Two Dimensions

5. Force and Motion

6. Dynamics I: Motion Along a Line

7. Newton’s Third Law

8. Dynamics II: Motion in a Plane

Part II. Conservation Laws

9. Impulse and Momentum

10. Energy

11. Work

Part III. Applications of Newtonian Mechanics

12. Rotation of a Rigid Body

13. Newton’s Theory of Gravity

14. Oscillations

15. Fluids and Elasticity

Part IV. Thermodynamics

16. A Macroscopic Description of Matter

17. Work, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics

18. The Micro/Macro Connection

19. Heat Engines and Refrigerators

Part V. Waves and Optics

20.  Traveling Waves

21.  Superposition

22.  Wave Optics

23.  Ray Optics

24.  Optical Instruments

Part VI. Electricity and Magnetism

25.   Electric Charges and Forces

26.   The Electric Field

27.   Gauss’s Law

28.   The Electric Potential

29.   Potential and Field

30.   Current and Resistance

31.   Fundamentals of Circuits

32.   The Magnetic Field

33.   Electromagnetic Induction

34.   Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

35.   AC Circuits

Part VII. Relativity and Quantum Physics

36.   Relativity

37.   The Foundations of Modern Physics

38.   Quantization

39.   Wave Functions and Uncertainty

40.   One-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics

41.   Atomic Physics

42.   Nuclear Physics

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