Applied signal and image processing

Applied signal and image processing: multidisciplinary advancements

Qahwaji, Rami (Autor)
Green, Roger (Autor)
Hines, Evor (Autor)

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Image and signal processing techniques are receiving increasing interest because of their numerous real-world applications. Data is now available in different forms, different wavelengths, and even in different dimensions, creating the need for novel multidisciplinary solutions for automated data processing and analysis.

Applied Signal and Image Processing: Multidisciplinary Advancements highlights the growing multidisciplinary nature of signal and image processing by focusing on emerging applications and recent advances in well-established fields. This book covers state-or-the-art applications in both signal and image processing, which include optical communication and sensing, wireless communication management, face recognition and facial imaging, solar imaging and feature detection, fractal analysis, and video processing.

Contenido: Multidisciplinary advancements in signal processing.
Signal Processing for Optical Wireless. Comunications and Sensing.
Application of Novel Signal Processing. Algorithms for the Detection and Minimization.
Application os Space-Time Signal Processing and Active Control Algorithms for the Suppression of Electromagnetic Fields.
Data Broadcast Management in Wireless Communication: An Emerging Research Area.
Blind Equalization for Broadband Access using the Constant Modulus Algorithm.
Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry Based Plant Disease Detection: Intelligent Systems Approach.
The Analysis of Plant’s Orgamic Volatiles Compounds with Electronic Nose and Pattern Recognition Techniques.
Advanced Signal Processing Tecniques in Non-Destructive Testing.
Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) Potential and Challenges.
Multidisciplinary Advancements in Image Processing.
Advances in Moving Face Recognition.
Facial Image Processing in Computer Vision.
A Multispectral and Multicasle View of the Sim.
Automated Solar Feature Detection for Space Weather Applications.
Image Processing Applications Based on Texture and Fractal Analysis.
Real-Time Primary Image Processing.
Recent Advances in Corneal Imaging.
ParameterBased Multi-Objetive Optimization of video CODECs.
Towards Rapid #D Reconstruction using Conventional X-Ray for Intraoperative Orthopaedic Applications.
Arabic Optical Character Recognition: Recent Trends and Future Directions.

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